Cassime Joseph


Cassime Joseph is a Photojournalist for KOAA News5 in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Cassime Oliver Joseph is a military veteran and Photojournalist for KOAA5 currently living in Pueblo, Colorado. He was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Joseph studied at the Institute of Audio Research, an educational institution in New York City, where he focused on photojournalism, broadcast production, and sound engineering. He is attending Colorado State University Pueblo, majoring in media communications and minoring in audio engineering.

Before pursuing a career in journalism, Joseph served in the Army for six years as a Logistics Specialist, with a portion of his service spent in South Korea. Despite being stationed overseas, his passion for media remained strong, leading him to conduct recorded interviews with the native community and contribute to the production of a podcast that explored the diverse demographics of South Korea. Joseph's most memorable assignment came during his time as a journalist for the Today, the University paper at Colorado State University Pueblo. He became frustrated with the improper naming of the college's Black History Month celebration seminar, which was called "Brown Bag Dialogue." Determined to express his dissatisfaction, he wrote an article that not only got published but also sparked a positive change in the tone of the college campus.

In addition to his accomplishments and involvement in journalism, Cassime Oliver Joseph was honored to receive the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Scholarship for the 2023-24 academic year. The SPJ Scholarship recognizes his exceptional achievements in the field of journalism and provides valuable financial support to further his education at Colorado State University Pueblo. As a recipient of the SPJ Scholarship, Joseph is not only acknowledged for his academic excellence but also for his commitment to the principles and values upheld by the Society of Professional Journalists. This prestigious scholarship signifies the trust and recognition the professional journalism community bestowed upon him.

Joseph serves as the president of the CSU Pueblo branch of the Student Veterans of America (SVA), where he revitalized the club and organized successful events such as the SVA Easter Food Distribution and the Cinco De Mayo Food Distribution. Additionally, he is the Community Ambassador for Mt. Carmel Veteran Service, leveraging his role as the producer and host of "Veteran Voice Pueblo," a program dedicated to showcasing the stories and experiences of veterans. His work on the show has allowed him to become a community ambassador, connecting veterans and providing valuable resources and support through Mt. Carmel Veteran Services.

Furthermore, Joseph serves as the Community Liaison for Colorado State University Pueblo Media Apartment, where he produces public affairs podcasts, broadcasts regularly, and creates promotions for the station. He is also involved with Rev 89, the university's radio station, and plans to continue broadcasting throughout his college career.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Cassime Oliver Joseph is committed to community involvement. As a military veteran and advocate for veterans, he actively supports and assists fellow veterans. Additionally, he takes pride in running a women's day event and producing a podcast featuring interviews with the female staff at Posada, a local shelter for the Pueblo community. With his passion for journalism, academic achievements, and dedication to community service, Cassime Oliver Joseph aspires to make a significant impact in the field of multimedia journalism. He aims to amplify diverse voices, challenge societal norms, and create positive change through his work.

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