Casey Dorn

Casey Dorn


Meteorologist Casey Dorn joined the First Alert 5 Weather team in September 2023. He brings with him almost a lifetime of weather interest, dating to his first Colorado 14er attempt he took with his family at age 10.

On that hike, they experienced an unexpectedly early-in-the-day thunderstorm roaring overhead. Sprinting while being pelted by hail, Casey gained an early appreciation for accurate weather forecasting!

He would go to study the science behind the weather and produce YouTube snowstorm forecasts for his high school, including the all-important outlook for snow days. That earned him the moniker “Snowstorm Dorn.”.

He went on to earn his B.S. degree in meteorology, with a minor in physics, at Penn State University, one of the preeminent weather programs in the country. He also worked at the campus TV weather service and interned in the weather department at CBS3 in Philadelphia and the climate forecasting unit at Columbia University.

After college, Casey spent several years working in the fitness industry. As a self-proclaimed “exercise fanatic” who spent more time in the gym than at home, Casey became a personal trainer, seeking to use his scientific background to help others with their health and fitness.

Casey’s passion for weather, news, and storytelling brought him back into the broadcast industry, first graduating from an accelerated broadcasting certificate program at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, and then joining Western Mass News in Springfield, MA.

Joining KOAA marks a homecoming of sorts for Casey. His grandparents met on Pikes Peak and his mom grew up here. Casey would visit each summer from his hometown of Philadelphia to climb the 14ers, now having summited more than 40 of them. And yes, he plans to finish the rest now that he lives here full-time.

He is thrilled to work with such a talented and experienced weather and news team and always appreciates viewer feedback.

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