Pueblo residents give feedback on business handling of COVID-19

Posted at 10:49 PM, Aug 20, 2020

PUEBLO — The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing mixed reactions from local businesses in Pueblo.

The Pueblo Business Economic Recovery Team (BERT) has been conducting surveys since April, and it released the results.

For customers, BERT says people want to feel safer when they're going into a business.

"If there is anything an organization can do to demonstrate that they are protecting the safety of that consumer, consumers will be more likely to go to that business," BERT partner Mike Wakefield said.

Wakefield says this could include wiping down items in a business, or having mask policies, just to show it is safe to go inside.

He also says consumers want to shop more online from local businesses.

As for business owners, the BERT surveys showed they were looking for financial assistance and guidance at the beginning of the pandemic. Now, business owners are looking for marketing, structuring, or consulting.

"I think businesses are eager to see people come in, and they are willing to do whatever is necessary to keep them safe," Wakefield said.

BERT is preparing another survey to come out next week.

If you want resources for businesses, here are some links: