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Heads Up: The $90 burger has arrived in Colorado Springs

Posted: 4:41 PM, May 17, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-20 09:47:09-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – Heads up everyone, there’s a new burger coming to the Springs and its hefting a price tag of $90.

In a town filled with pubs, bars, and microbreweries, it seems like everybody and their dog has their own burger with its own set of quirks to set it apart. What then makes this prolific burger worth the cost?

According to Carlos Echeandia, owner of the Carlos’ Bistro, it’s created by melding USDA prime meats, Kobe, and Wagyu.

The result is delicious, and something that is hard to describe.

“Truly, to make money off of these burgers, I should be selling them for $200. So I’m actually giving an experience, because that’s me,” Carlos continued.

This burger, apparently, has been an idea in the back of Echeandia’s mind for years, and once he started down the path of creating the delicacy, it took 7 months to clear all the hurdles standing in the way of, “Getting it perfect.”

If you want to try the burger for yourself at the tiny bistro  but aren’t quite ready to drop $90, they sell for half-price on Thursdays.