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The Pueblo Chile question: Are they hotter this year?

Posted at 7:01 PM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 21:45:15-04

PUEBLO – Pueblo’s famous chilies are in season and apparently they pack some extra punch this year. Talk around town is this year’s crop comes with some extra heat.

When it comes to the Pueblo Chile, locals offer more than casual opinions. There are farmers and connoisseurs who critique Pueblo Chile crops year after year. “It seems like the drier years and the hotter summers, the chilies hotter. It seems like to us,” said Musso Farms Customer, Lylia Vezzani. Most say this year, there is more heat.

Chilies have been a part of the crops at Musso Farms since the operation started back in 1920. Nearly 100 years of experience growing, harvesting and tasting. Fourth generation farmer, Rocky Musso says this year’s chilies do have more heat. He says it is because of the hot dry summer. “Not having as much water, they’ve got a little bit hotter. Still the same, all the flavor’s there, and very great chilies this year.”

“We like it hot,” said Vezzani.  Others out buying chilies at Musso Farms agree. “Heat is good,” said J.D. Duckett. For those who are apprehensive about how much heat the can handle, most growers are happy to tutor them on the heat scale of different varieties. “We want everybody to feel comfortable in what they’re buying,” said Musso, “That way they can enjoy the chilies, whether they like it hot, or mild, or in between.