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BLUE LINE BEARS: Remembering our fallen officers in a unique way

Posted at 10:55 AM, Jan 18, 2019

DENVER – 16-year-old Megan O’Grady has founded a company that helps families of fallen officers know that their loved ones will not be forgotten.

There is no greater sacrifice than giving your life to protect another; that’s why, in our communities, we make a promise to the families of fallen officers that they will not be forgotten.

Helping keep that promise is a young woman from Florida.

When it comes to creating family memories, Megan is happy to give some advice.

She’s visiting Colorado with her parents, but Megan didn’t come here just to see the Rocky Mountains; she’s here because of an idea she had about 2 years ago.

“After seeing direct attack on police officers and basically everything I stand for, I decided I had to do something different I had to step up and do something for the families,” Megan commented.

So she decided to start a non-profit called blue line bears, “They’re all sewn by hand,” she continued.

She makes teddy bears for the families of fallen officers.

“I wanted to give them something that children, moms and dads something that was for all ages, that they could hold to remember who they’ve lost.”

“I have said all along that this is a family and I wanted to make sure that there was a bear for everyone in the family,” stated Adams County Sheriff Michael McIntosh.

On the belly of each bear is written the name and number of a fallen officer.

“I can’t change what happened to these officers, I wish I could but I really can’t so I might as well try to help the families get past what’s happening,” Megan went on.

Megan, whose father is also a police officer, sews the bears from the uniforms of fallen officers and deputies and then delivers them.

So far Megan has made about 450 bears and sent them to 35 states.