The oldest barber in the world: Cutting hair at 107

Posted at 4:17 PM, Dec 28, 2018

BINGHAMTON, NY – In a small New York state hamlet east of Binghamton, a barber is helping his clients look their best for the holidays.

But this isn’t just any barber, he’s officially the oldest working barber in the world.

At 107, he’s been cutting hair for nearly a full century.

Anthony Mancinelli is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest barber in the world.

He doesn’t just work part time either, he’s a full time barber, still putting in 40 hours a week.

His advice for living so long, “Well I advise a lot of people not to quit working. Keep busy.”

96 years ago, Mancinelli started cutting hair at the age of 11.

“That’s when I told my father I wanted to help out in the family,” he stated.

He went on to have a family of his own and he was married for 69 years.

“I miss her. I go to the cemetery every day before I come to work.”

Mr. Mancinelli has no plans to slow down.

He says he’ll keep going to keep the younger generation looking sharp.

Mancinelli turns 108 in march.

Not only is he still working full time, but he also lives on his own and drives to work every day.