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Open space with reservation required: Corral Bluffs

Posted at 10:01 PM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-17 00:01:25-04

“We try our darndest to accommodate anybody’s desire to get out here,” said Jackie Hilaire with the friends group, Corral Bluffs Alliance (CoBA). Corral Bluffs Open Space is public land that is part of Colorado Springs Parks, but there are restrictions giving some the impression the area is off limits. There is public access if you plan ahead.

Hiking tours by reservation only, are to protect sensitive land. Corral Bluffs is carved into the high desert and is full of natural wonders and history. There is evidence of life here tens of millions of years back. “It’s interesting and it’s one of the key places on the globe for studying the first million years of recovery of mammals from the earth’s die off,” said Hilaire. Plant and animals fossils are abundant.

There is also the history from the early days of Colorado. “They would corral the cattle in here,” said Hilaire, The origin of the name Corral Bluffs comes from this box canyon’s usefulness as a stop while herding millions of cattle from across Colorado to rail lines up north.

Research continues in the area. “Every time the wind blows, something new shows up out here and it could be something from 66 million years ago that we’ve never seen before, said Hilaire. To protect artifacts, for now, the only way to explore this public land is with a guide.

CoBA sponsors hiking tour around once a month. The tours go three to four hours. They need at least six and no more than 20 hikers. Information is listed on Corral Bluffs, Facebook page. The other option is requesting information at