Boone residents thankful to crews for saving town from Double Fork wildfire

Posted at 6:54 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 20:54:44-04

The Double Fork Fire prompted deputies to evacuate close to 300 residents in less than half an hour and residents tell News 5 it was difficult to pull together their family and belongings as they watched the plume of smoke close in on them.

"Worried about the animals so my thought was to try and get the animals out, whatever we could and [my wife] was all worried about everything’s going to burn," said resident Duane Rinta.

Many feared the worst.

"By the time we got everything gathered, it had done jumped the highway, and it was a scramble," said resident Michael Lyons.
"The fire was moving quick and we were pretty scared and afraid we were going to lose our house."

But on Friday, residents were grateful to the crews who rescued their town and kept their homes standing.

"They did an excellent job, I can’t thank them enough. I’m very thankful," added Lyons.

The fire is now fully containedthanks to a multi-agency effort from crews including the Division of Fire Prevention and Control, Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office and the Pueblo Rural Fire District.

"I feel really lucky, but man if you see a fire report it right away because if those guys wouldn’t have been down here that quick, who knows what would’ve happened," said Rinta.

But Chief Bret Marascola with Pueblo Rural Fire District says he does know what could have happened.

"Without the cooperative effort of all the agencies involved, the town of Boone would probably not exist."

Chief Marascola tells News 5 one man did suffer an injury related to the fire and that man was transported to Denver for treatment.