Warm and dry today, highs in the 30s with snow on Thursday

Crystal Mill
Posted at 6:04 AM, Oct 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-08 19:38:43-04

Today’s Forecast:
Warm and breezy across southern Colorado today, with elevated fire danger through Fremont County. Red Flag Warnings exist today in Fremont County, western Fremont in particular, for low humidity and stronger winds. Most of the region will stay dry, sunny, and light to breezy conditions through the afternoon. Tonight will be clear and chilly through the region.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High - 81; Low - 45. Chilly in the morning followed by a warm afternoon with gentle winds.

PUEBLO: High - 85; Low - 42. Cold in the morning with a hot and breezy afternoon.

CANON CITY: High - 83; Low - 47. Chilly in the morning with a warm and windy afternoon. Fire danger is high in western Fremont County till this evening.

WOODLAND PARK: High - 72; Low - 40.Cold in the morning with a mild and breezy afternoon.

TRI-LAKES: High - 70s; Low - 30s. Chilly in the morning followed by a warm afternoon with gentle winds.

PLAINS: High - 80s; Low - 40s. Cold in the morning, especially across the far eastern plains, with hot and breezy conditions through the afternoon.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High - 70/80s; Low - 40s. Cool and breezy this morning with sunny and warm skies into the afternoon.

Extended Outlook (Snow Thursday):
Wednesday is going to start as a hot and windy day, with elevated fire danger across all of southern Colorado. A cold front moves through the region Wednesday evening, leaving us with a very cold Thursday.

Snow will show up Thursday afternoon and continue into the overnight hours. Snowfall totals are looking highest in the Pikes Peak region, with Monument seeing around 3 to 5 inches by Friday morning and Woodland Park 3 to 6 inches. Downtown Colorado Springs will get an inch or two, with Pueblo stay at or below an inch.

Record low temperatures are possible Friday morning with lows in the mid teens across the region and wind chills in the teens and single digits.