One more chilly day with scattered showers before a gorgeous weekend!

Posted at 12:43 PM, May 02, 2019

Today’s Forecast:
Even though a few cold spots like Woodland Park and Monument saw fog, flurries or drizzle early this morning, most of the region is starting with dry and clear skies. The cloud cover today will start thick and then thin out by lunchtime, only to come back thicker into the afternoon with a chance for rain. Showers will start along the eastern edge of our mountains and the central plains and generally move east towards Kansas through the afternoon and evening. A few rumbles of thunder are possible but no severe weather is expected today.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High – 55; Low – 35. Cold and cloudy in the morning with sunnier skies expected towards lunchtime. Cloud cover and scattered showers return in the afternoon. Not much of the city is expected to see rain, and what moisture we do see should be pretty scattered across town and light.

PUEBLO: High – 63; Low – 39.  A mix of sunshine and clouds through the first part of the day with cloudy skies and scattered showers or thunderstorms from the afternoon to the very early evening. Most of the rain today will be out east of town, but we still could see at least a little rain through Pueblo & Pueblo West.

CANON CITY: High – 61; Low – 40. A mix of sunshine and clouds this morning with scattered showers returning from the afternoon to the early evening.

WOODLAND PARK: High – 51; Low – 29. Fog and a few flurries in the morning with dry clearing skies as the morning moves along. Cloud cover will be thicker again through the afternoon with scattered showers in the second half of the day, ending quickly in the very early evening.

TRI-LAKES: High – 50s; Low – 30s. Sprinkles and drizzle in the early morning with dry and clear skies as the morning moves along. Scattered showers will return in the afternoon, especially east of town along the Palmer Divide. Any rain will end this evening with dry skies through Friday morning.

PLAINS: High – 60s; Low – 40s. Dry and mild in the morning with sunnier skies through lunch. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will show up in the early afternoon and continue off and on through the evening hours. No severe weather is expected today or tonight.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High – 60s; Low – 30s. Dry and cool in the morning with sunnier skies towards lunch. Cloud cover will return with scattered showers in the afternoon and early this evening.

The weekend looks FANTASTIC across all of southern Colorado with plenty of sunshine and perfect Spring temperatures! We’ll have a bit more of a mix of sunshine and clouds over the weekend but no rain is expected across most towns and cities. Temperatures peak next week on Monday with highs well into the upper 70s in Colorado Springs and mid-80s for Pueblo. Rain and snow are back in the forecast from Tuesday into Wednesday. We would see rain first Tuesday and then colder temperatures at night would turn rain to snow, mainly in the upper elevation areas.