Most of Easter, Dry…for most of you and most of the day

Posted at 6:23 AM, Apr 21, 2019


Today’s Forecast:

So, High Pressure, deliverer of great weather the past few days, departs. In it’s wake, while we start out with sunshine this morning, clouds will take over by lunchtime. It is possible, late in the day, for a shower for Fremont, Teller and northern El Paso Counties to briefly get wet.

Disturbances in the Jet, to our northwest, will sink it southward and overhead. And over time, they will create a large storm nearly overhead Sunday into Monday. Think of it like a sinkhole in the atmosphere, developing nearly overhead. There will be no cold air nearby, so the moisture would be rain. It appears any raindrops would come after 4pm Sunday for the Pike’s Peak Region, and north. It also appears there may be no rain south of Fountain…until early Monday. At that point, showers for all, on and off, day and night…lingering in to early Tuesday. (Snow at times overnights, into early mornings, for Teller and possibly Tri-Lakes.)

But once it dries up, the temperatures rise again in the late April sun.

COLORADO SPRINGS:  High 68. Sunny start , clouding up. Slight chance late day shower.

PUEBLO:  High: 75. Sunny start, clouding up by afternoon.

CANON CITY:  High: 70. Sunny start, clouding up by afternoon.

TRI-LAKES:  High: 58. Sunny to begin Sunday, but clouds and a shower later in the day.

PLAINS:  High: 78. Sun through midday, then fading behind the clouds.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD:  High: 72. Sunny through midday, then clouding up.

Extended Outlook: Stormy weather Monday, Monday night, and Tuesday. The actual rain should wind down the first half of Tuesday, but clearing will hold off until early Wednesday. Obviously, way cooler while showers are around. After that, skies clear and temps recover to the 60s, 70s, and 80s by next Friday.