High Fire Danger Tuesday, Blizzard-like conditions Wednesday

Posted at 4:12 PM, Apr 08, 2019

Tonight’s Forecast:
The weather is going on one wild ride over the next 4 to 5 days, so hang in there with us and great ready for a mix of heat, wind, cold and yes, SNOW! Tonight will be an easy going and pleasant night with light winds, slowly clearing skies, and temperatures down into the mid-40s by Tuesday morning.

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Tuesday will start off with relatively sunny skies for most of southern Colorado with heavier cloud cover building into the afternoon, especially around the Pikes Peak region. The winds will start gentle, but as the day goes on, they will quickly ramp up with afternoon and evening gusts along and east of I-25 in the 30 to 40 mph range. Red Flag Warnings are in effect Tuesday afternoon till 9 pm due to the very dry and windy conditions. Temperatures will be in record territory with Colorado Springs possibly tying the record at 80 degrees and Pueblo likely breaking it with 87 degrees in the afternoon.

COLORADO SPRINGSLow: 45, High: 80. Partly cloudy & calm tonight, windy and hot tomorrow.

PUEBLOLow: 46, High: 87. Mostly clear and calm tonight, windy and very hot tomorrow.

CANON CITYLow: 48, High: 84. Partly cloudy & calm tonight, windy and hot tomorrow.

WOODLAND PARKLow: 38, High: 68. Partly cloudy & calm tonight, windy and mild tomorrow.

TRI-LAKESLow: 40s, High: 70s. Partly cloudy & calm tonight, windy and warm tomorrow.

PLAINSLow: 40s, High: 80s. Mostly clear and calm tonight, windy and very hot tomorrow.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD:  Low: 40s, High: 80s. Partly cloudy & calm tonight, windy and hot tomorrow.

Winter Storm Wednesday:
A large winter storm is set to hit southern Colorado Wednesday with remnants of the system lasting into early Thursday morning. We will be very warm and windy to start the day on Wednesday, but a cold front will slam into the area, either late in the morning or early in the afternoon, the timing is still uncertain. Rain will turn to snow through the day Wednesday, mainly over the southern mountains and at the higher terrain areas up north like Teller and northern El Paso County. Snow will fall heavier through the evening when the colder air can really catch up with this system, and slowly fade by Thursday morning.

Snow totals look fairly weak with this system, we’re only thinking a few inches are likely up in Teller and northern El Paso County by Thursday morning, mostly from snow melting during the first few hours of this system. The biggest problem, one that will likely affect the evening commute, will be high winds causing whiteout and blizzard-like conditions from blowing snow. Wind gusts will likely range from 40 to 60 mph especially east of I-25, meaning that even an inch or two of snow could cause dangerous drives home from work.

Extended Forecast:
Cold weather will stick around through Saturday with a warm up back into the 60s and 70s expected by Sunday and Monday. A second round of light snow with much lighter winds will try and push through Friday afternoon into the overnight hours. It’s still too far out to know how much will snow here, but as of now it doesn’t look like accumulations would amount to very much.