Truly remarkable weather today through Tuesday

Posted at 5:23 AM, Apr 07, 2019

Today’s Forecast: 

Spectacular Sunday through Tuesday, as the jet lifts northward, a ridge of High Pressure comes across to visit from Vegas to Colorado over the next 3 days, and downslope wind all combine to bring early Summer-like weather! Records are definitely in the realm of possibility Monday & Tuesday.

Long-range computer model guidance that is suggesting not only a cool down middle to end of next week, and unsettled weather, but Wednesday night…and especially Teller, Fremont and NW El Paso Counties…the possibility of some wet snow! Doubtful it would accumulate, after the warm weather here and on the way. Plus the track is moving further north with each computer model simulation over time, which directs the cold air further north…so any snow there, would not likely accumulate. For the Front Range, it is mostly liquid. Either way, we shall see. But it does look much cooler and certainly unsettled for Wednesday PM into Friday.

COLORADO SPRINGS:  High: 68. Mostly sunny & mild, Sunday. Mostly clear at night.

PUEBLO:   High: 75. Mostly sunny & warm, Sunday! Mostly clear at night.

CANON CITY:  High: 70. Mostly sunny & mild, Sunday. Clear at night.

WOODLAND PARK:  High: 58. Mostly sunny & mild, Sunday. Clear at night.

TRI-LAKES:  High: 61. Mostly sunny & mild, Sunday. Clear skies at night.

PLAINS:  High: 75. Mostly sunny & warm, Sunday. Mostly clear at night.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD:   High: 72.  Sunday, mostly sunny & mild. Clear at night.

Extended Outlook: Dry, bright and really warm Monday & Tuesday (70s and 80s), Becoming cooler and unsettled for Wednesday (50s).