Weather Alert Day: High winds and high fire danger

Posted at 6:25 AM, Feb 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-03 10:16:34-05

Today’s Forecast:

Winds will be the biggest concern today. They’ll be very strong from the south and west with gusts getting close to 60 mph at times, especially along and just downwind of the Wets and Sangres. Winds eventually ease up a bit after sunset. A milder start to the day and another well above average afternoon. Temperatures will soar into the 60’s again. Clouds will be around this morning with a little more sunshine this afternoon. Any snow today will be confined to the mountains.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High – 64; Low – 32. Windy and very warm today with high fire danger.

PUEBLO: High – 70; Low – 29. Strong winds today with high fire danger and mild temperatures. 

CANON CITY: High – 68; Low – 33. A windy and warm day.

WOODLAND PARK: High – 50; Low – 24. Strong winds today with mild temperatures.

TRI-LAKES: High – 60; Low – 20’s. Mild and windy for your Sunday.

PLAINS: High – 70’s; Low – 20’s. A warm and windy day to wrap up the weekend.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High – 60’s; Low – 20’s. A very windy day with warm temperatures.

REST OF THE WEEK: Winds do improve a bit overnight, but we generally stay breezy through the first part of the work/school week. Lows tonight will be in the 20’s and 30’s. We cool off gradually for the first part of the week, losing a few degrees each day. A cold front drops our temperatures heading into Thursday with highs falling into the 20’s and 30’s. Clouds will increase Wednesday into Thursday. Snow chances will be most abundant for the mountains and Palmer Divide. Model runs have been coming in with some chances for our area Wednesday evening into Thursday. These chances don’t look to be incredibly impressive, but they could mean some slowdowns to the Wednesday PM and Thursday AM commutes over the Palmer Divide.