Weather Alert Day: Blowing snow with dangerous cold tonight

Posted at 11:58 AM, Dec 31, 2018

Today’s Forecast:
Southern Colorado has endured quite the wild morning, with the southern mountains seeing heavy snow, accidents over Monument Hill, and blowing snow through Colorado Springs that just doesn’t want to accumulate.

Not much from the morning’s forecast has changed, the cold and wind will still continue to push into the state through the day with off and on snow lasting to Tuesday morning. The southern mountains as well as Fremont county, Huerfano and western Las Animas county will continue to see the heaviest snow through the overnight hours with snowfall clearing up around the Springs sometime after 11pm. Very strong winds might be limiting how much snow stays on the ground for Colorado Springs, but based on the weak accumulation through the morning, we’re thinking most of the city will struggle to see more than an inch by tomorrow morning.

Dangerous cold and wind chills remain one of the primary concerns for New Year’s Eve celebrations tonight. Temperatures will continue to fall today into the single digits overnight with several spots in the higher elevations falling below zero. The wind chills will fall well below zero, especially between 6 pm to midnight from a stronger wind, and they will stay below zero all the way through Tuesday morning.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High – Teens & falling; Low – -1. Light, blowing snow will continue off & on through the rest of the day and end roughly around midnight. Flurries may remain into early Tuesday morning but accumulating snow will be done. Remaining snow accumulation will likely stay between 1 to 2 inches through tonight.

PUEBLO: High – 20s & falling; Low – 3. Light to moderate blowing snow will continue to fall off and on through the rest of the day, ending sometime after midnight with a stray flurry falling early Tuesday morning. Snow accumulations looks to stay light, but we will probably see totals between 1 to 2 inches by Tuesday morning.

CANON CITY: High – 20s & falling; Low – 1. Moderate to heavy snow will continue to fall through most of the afternoon and not let up until sometime early Tuesday morning. Heavy snowfall will lead to snow accumulation between 4 to 5 inches across the city, with the possibility of more, especially west of town.

WOODLAND PARK: High – Below 10 & falling; Low – -8. Light to moderate snow will continue to fall off and on today and end generally just before midnight. Snow totals by midnight will likely be over 2 inches with dangerously cold air sticking around tonight through all of Tuesday.

TRI-LAKES: High – 10s to 0s; Low – >0. Moderate to heavy snow with strong, gusty winds will continue to dump snow over Monument Hill well through 10 pm tonight, with dry skies after midnight other than a stray flurry. Snow accumulations should be somewhere between 1 to 3 inches by midnight.

PLAINS: High – Teens & falling; Low – >10. Light blowing snow will continue to fall off and on today and tonight across the plains, but accumulating snow continues to look minimal through Tuesday morning, with most places east of Pueblo county staying under 1 inch. Temperatures falling to the single digits and wind chills below zero will be the biggest danger of the night to people celebrating New Years.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High – 20s & falling; Low – >10. Moderate to heavy snowfall will continue to fall in Walsenburg, with a lighter to moderate snow down by Trinidad. The heaviest snow will continue to fall out in the Sangres till Tuesday morning, with snow totals well over 6 inches by the morning, especially as you climb in elevation. Walsenburg should see snow totals over 3 inches by Tuesday morning with Trinidad likely staying somewhere at or over 2 inches. Dangerous cold will accompany the heavy snowfall and travel tonight will be dangerous.


The snow will end tonight, from north to south, but the cold will remain. Roads that were wet today from the snow will likely turn to ice tonight as temperatures drop to zero or below. The winds will be much lighter tomorrow but wind chills will be below zero through the morning and stay in the single digits through the afternoon.

The weather will warm up dramatically through the week with Wednesday back into the 40s and then 50s by Friday! After today and tonight, there are no rain or snow chances in the forecast until sometime in the middle of next week.