Thursday Evening Forecast…now we warm up, through Saturday

Posted at 3:54 PM, Nov 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 17:54:58-05

Forecast: After tonight, temps get a chance to mend, moving north of 50 and in some cases, of 60, come Saturday. However, it is short-lived, as another chunk of chilly comes down amidst a little light snow Sunday that lingers through much of Monday. That cool shot with the snow, lingers Sunday into Monday. And then, a long dry spell resumes, along with a real warm up the rest of next week.

As for precipitation, light, intermittent snow Sunday and Monday, ending later Monday. Maybe a few inches over that entire time frame. Otherwise, no other precip coming.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low – 22, High – 44. Clear, frosty tonight. Sunny, bit warmer Friday.

PUEBLO:Low – 18, High – 50. Clear sky, cold tonight! Sunny, bit warmer Friday.

WOODLAND PARK:Low – 14, High – 38. Clear, frosty tonight. Sunny, bit warmer Friday.

TRI-LAKES:Low – 18, High – 40. Clear sky, cold tonight! Sunny Friday.

PLAINS:Low – 20, High – 50. Clear skies, frosty tonight. Sunny, bit warmer Friday.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD:Low – 20, High – 48. Clear, frosty tonight. Sunny, bit warmer for Friday.

EXTENDED OUTLOOK: After a touch of light snow Sunday and Monday, dry and warmer weather resumes the rest of next week…where highs quickly jump into the 50s and 60s Tuesday and beyond.