Damp, cool start, brighter finish ahead

Posted at 4:12 AM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 14:54:52-04

So remember yesterday? Forget it, because that kind of weather…for better or worse, is over.
A cold front moved through while you slept, and we are going to be way cooler today, slightly warmer tomorrow, and then way cool and damp for the weekend.

Right now, temps are mostly in the 40s. If we are lucky, we may reach the lower half of the 60s. Cloudy and sprinkly this morning, but I do think we will see some sun break through the clouds later this afternoon.
Friday appears ok, in the Plains, though the mountains will likely pick up showers much of the day. One caveat, don’t rule out a later day splash and dash T-storm here on the I-25 corridor and even in the Plains.

The weekend will definitely be cool and damp. Most of Saturday’s showers should be in the morning, but Sunday, your guess is as good as mine.

Colorado Springs: Low 46, High: 64. Clouding up, a few scattered showers overnight into Thursday morning. Breaks of sun developing Thursday afternoon. Breezy & cool.

Pueblo: Low 52, High: 70. Becoming cloudy. Very light scattered shower or two overnight into early Thursday. Sun breaks by afternoon.

Canon City: Low 50, High: 68. Clouding up, a few scattered showers overnight into Thursday morning. Breaks of sun developing Thursday afternoon. Breezy & cooler..

Woodland Park: Low 42, High: 60. Clouding up. Late-night sprinkles into Thursday morning. Decreasing clouds in the afternoon. Breezy & cool.

Tri-Lakes: Low 45, High: 62. Cloudy with a few showers tonight. Early showers Thursday, mostly cloudy afternoon. Breezy & cool.

The Plains: Low 52, High: 72. Clouding up tonight. Early shower Thursday, then decreasing clouds.

Trinidad/Walsenburg: Low 52, High: 74. Clear evening, cloudy late. Clouds early, then increasingly sunny.

Extended Outlook…so here’s the deal. Saturday through Monday, a series of low pressure systems are going to get log-jammed around each other, and the jet stream will be influenced, by cutting off a large circular flow, allowing these mini storms to dumb-bell around each other, for several days, over the Rockies. What this means for us is, cloudy, very cool, and occasionally showery weather in that time period. It will take several days to break up the pattern. So, expect cold showers later Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.