Saturday Evening Forecast…more of the same through Monday

Posted at 3:51 PM, Sep 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-29 19:52:59-04

Tonight will not feature the low clouds, fog, drizzle and cold that early Saturday did! Partly cloudy for the night, and not nearly so cool. Sunday should continue Saturday’s work…and while looks a bit breezy and a little more cloudy (partly sunny), it continues.

Which gets us to “Rosa”. Remember “Bud” from several months  back? It too was powerful, but the track took it inland…and over multiple lengthy mountain chains. Land itself breaks up hurricanes, because of the lack of moisture and the varied terrain (not flat, like the ocean surface). Plus, the final mountains in it’s path (ours), tend to create a “rainshadow effect” to the east (our part of the world.) So, just like with “Bud”, some showers may survive the trip, but it is the Divide, Sangre De Cristos, Wets, Mosquito, etc that get wet…early and often, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Colorado Springs: Low 52, High: 80. Partly cloudy tonight. Mostly sunny Sunday.

Pueblo: Low 52, High: 85. Partly cloudy tonight. Sunday…Mostly sunny.

Canon City: Low 53, High: 83. Tonight, Partly cloudy. Mostly sunny Sunday.

Woodland Park: Low 48, High: 75. Partly cloudy tonight. Mostly sunny Sunday.

Tri-Lakes: Low 48, High: 77. Partly cloudy tonight. Mostly sunny Sunday.

The Plains: Low 54, High: 83. Partly to mostly cloudy tonight. Partly to Mostly sunny Sunday.

Trinidad/Walsenburg: Low 54, High: 82. Mostly clear tonight. Mostly sunny Sunday.

Extended Outlook…See “Rosa” above. Rain chances are high Tuesday through Friday, in the mountains. But for the Plains, just a few showers possible Tuesday, Thursday, and a storm possible Friday afternoon. Expect breezy conditions as the storm itself passes, Tuesday into Wednesday.