Thursday Evening Forecast…yo-yo temperatures go back down, Friday

Posted at 2:03 PM, Sep 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-27 23:15:23-04

Our weather comes down to temperatures for the next 4-5 days, simply because there is no “weather” coming our way. We are under a northwest flow…which supports downsloping, a process where air compacts on the up-slope side, squeezing out (any relevant) moisture, and then on the down-slope side, it expands and is both drier and warmer.

One caveat, the downsloping of today takes a break tomorrow, because a surface cool front from the north, causes low level winds (where you and I live) to turn up-slope Friday, making it sharply cooler. But by Saturday, we are back to rapid warming, into Monday.

Colorado Springs: Low: 45, High: 62. Clear and seasonably cool tonight. Sunny & chilly Friday.

Pueblo: Low: 46, High: 63. Tonight, clear and cool. Sunny & cool, Friday.

Canon City: Low: 47, High: 62. Clear tonight. Sunny & cooler tomorrow.

Woodland Park: Low: 40, High: 60. Clear and chilly tonight. Sunny & chilly Friday.

Tri-Lakes: Low: 42, High: 62. Clear and cool tonight. Sunny & chilly Friday.

The Plains: Low: 46, High: 60. Clear & cool tonight. Sunny but chilly, Friday.

Trinidad/Walsenburg: Low: 46, High: 66. Clear and cool tonight. Sunny but cool Friday.

Extended Outlook…in terms of rain? Later Tuesday through Wednesday, a good opportunity. A hurricane off the coast of Mexico is drifting slowly northward. Meanwhile, an ocean storm in the Pacific will be approaching the Left Coast in a few days, which appears to scoop the hurricane and push it north then eastward, ahead of the ocean storm, itself. It’s not something to fear, because it would take a similar path to “Bud”, which would wring out it’s moisture…mostly on the southern and western Colorado Mountains, and we’d get beneficial rains in the “mountain shadowed” Plains.