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Southern Colorado snows dramatically helping drought situation

Posted at 7:48 PM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-27 12:37:58-05

If you caught our winter weather outlook, back in November, you may recall I anticipated above average snows for the southern mountains. They’ve been doing well, and in the past few weeks…they have been doing exceptionally well!

Usually, digging out of recurring snow is considered a hassle, but folks complain a lot less, lately.

The snow is probably partly due to a developing El Nino, enhancing the southern branch of the U.S. Jet stream, and the pattern will likely continue into Spring. This is outstanding news for an area that has been drought-stricken.

Here is the latest snow-pack across Colorado.

Doing well, especially in drought areas…

Note that all locations are above average for the time of year, with the San Juans leading the pack! How often can we say we are getting the moisture, right where it is most needed?!

So how much of an effect is it having? Here is the drought monitor for the State, from two weeks ago. It’s obvious where the worst was.

Improving in the worst area, SW Colorado

Now I will show you the latest, and watch the southwestern part of the state…you will see how the worst hit areas are showing improvement, from these recent, heavy snows!

More snow is falling today, which further helps. Great news for a part of the State that has had it’s share of weather woes lately.