Winter snow trends

Posted at 5:34 PM, Jan 08, 2019

COLORADO – We’ve talked a lot about our early start to the snow season and being below average for snowfall so far, but what does a typical season look like?

Snow typically begins falling in September or October with minimal monthly averages until we get into the colder months. Totals get a little more substantial through the “winter” months. The snow season tends slows down quickly through April, occasionally lingering into May.

March is usually the snowiest month for Colorado Springs with an average of 8.1″ of snow. Pueblo’s snowiest month tends to be January with an average of 6.5″ of snow. We average over 5 inches of snow in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo for December, January, and March.

So far this season, we’re well below average. Colorado Springs is running 5.2″ behind average with 9.6″ measured so far. Pueblo is 6.2″ below average with 6.7″ recorded. Those numbers are for the airports in each city. That’s where the official measurement are taken. Other locations around the cities have certainly seen more snow this season, especially north and west of the Colorado Springs Airport.