Minneapolis police officer killed while responding to double shooting

The shooter and another individual also died in the violent series of events.
APTOPIX Minneapolis Shooting
Posted at 10:19 AM, May 31, 2024

A Minneapolis community is mourning the death of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty.

Authorities said two officers responded to reports of a double shooting Thursday. They "received gunfire immediately" and began returning gunfire.

The two officers were wounded — and Officer Jamal Mitchell, 36, died at the hospital.

"Jamal died doing what society asks all police officers to do. He did his job, and he was loyal to his oath until his death. There is no more honorable service one can provide," said Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara.

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The other officer suffered what were described as "non-life-threatening injuries."

Police said the suspect was killed and two other gunshot victims were found over the course of their investigation. One of those individuals died, police said. The other was "gravely injured."

"Be patient with us as we do not know all of the facts yet," said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. "We want to make sure the investigation is completed."

Mitchell had only been on the force since 2022. O'Hara described him as a hero who was a father, son and fiancé.

"He loved the job, he loved the MPD, and he was faithful to the oath he swore unto his death," O'Hara said.