Local Ice Dancing Pair competes for national title

Posted at 11:02 PM, Jan 18, 2019

This weekend is the US Figure Skating Championships in Michigan and when you tune in, you’ll see a pair of skaters from Manitou Springs.

Davis Ortonward and Romy Malcom, students at Manitou Springs High School, will compete as Ice Dancing Pairs for the Intermediate Division national title

Davis, a sophomore and Romy, a freshman, have a lot on their plates balancing their busy skating schedule during the day and school work at the same time.

“Homework is either in between skating sessions or when there is an exam or when I’m not driving,” Davis said.  “A lot of the time it’s when I get home from skating, if I have a few extra hours I’ll do it then and if not, I try doing it in class.”

“I like to stay on top of my school work so I don’t get behind just like sleeping and eating, because yeah sometimes I forget, Romy said, with a laugh.

They hit the ice Saturday and Sunday in the Intermediate Division up against 12 other pairs of dancers

Davis is a local kid representing the Broadmoor Skating Club and Romy is from Canada.