Frank Serratore unhappy with AHC overtime rules

Posted at 1:04 AM, Jan 15, 2019

Despite back to back games that resulted in a tie for his Air Force Falcons, Head Coach Frank Serratore said he had a “great weekend.”

“I was so juiced, I couldn’t wait to get home to celebrate with Carol,” Serratore said. “I have a near-beer, she had some sugar free ice cream, the next morning we woke up and had a pot of decaf coffee – there’s not a better way to start your morning. Those games were unbelievable.”

The sarcasm was dripping. He continued.

“We got people on the edge of their seats – the edge of their seats – 2-2, both nights and thank God we stopped that insanity before someone had a heart attack.”

The sarcasm was still dripping but Serratore had a point to make. He wants the overtime rules in Atlantic Hockey Conference play changed, for the better. Currently there is one overtime period in a regular season conference game but at the end of the period, if the score is still tied, the game ends in a draw. No chance for a 3-on-3 match up or a shootout. Serratore takes issue with that, for the good of the game he said and for the good of the fan.

“Our motto here? Fly, Fight, Win. It’s not Fly, Fight, Lose and it sure as heck ain’t Fly, Fight and Tie,” Searratore said. “Those boys came in – both teams – and put on an entertaining show and didn’t disappoint anybody. Fixing overtime isn’t going to fix this but it’s a piece of the puzzle. We have to start creating ways and reasons for people to come to the rink, not reasons for them not to come to the rink.”

The Army series saw the best crowds of the season, so far, at Cadet Ice Arena and Serratore was disappointed to send the fans home without a defined result.

“If we aren’t in the entertainment business, why do we charge admission? Why do we pay coaches? Why do we all have marketing departments? It matters,” Serratore said. “The players want to play in front of more fans, so you know what? Give them more reasons to come out! This insanity has got to stop! There is nothing more exciting than an overtime goal. We are the only level of hockey that doesn’t do it. We need to figure this out and we need to figure it out in a quick hurry.”