Podcast: What draws runners to the steeplechase?

Posted at 10:26 PM, Aug 06, 2021

The Podium

The 3000m steeplechase is a unique event at the Olympics, and host Lauren Shehadi catches up with some of the competitors to ask what drew them to the sport. Then, Doug Payne joins the podcast to talk about the Olympic equestrian competitions.

Silver medalist Courtney Frerichs says that the steeplechase incorporates skills she learned through doing gymnastics and playing soccer while Emma Coburn explains what makes a good steeplechaser. Canadian Genevieve Lalonde describes the steeplechase as "a grown-up obstacle course," and Australia's Georgia Winkcup shares the story of the "horrific" first race she ran at age 14.

Payne breaks down the three phases of the eventing competition and emphasizes the importance of bravery when jumping with a horse. 

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