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Summer Goals: Conquer mountain, go camping, become bladesmith

Posted at 7:07 PM, Aug 12, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — There have been, over the years, a gratuitous amount of fairy tales sharing the stories of noble adventurers taking up blade and shield to embark on perilous quests for riches and honor or undertake dangerous endeavors aimed at slaying foul beasts; however, there are very few stories chronicling the journeys of the heroic bladesmiths who created the tools used along the way.

Those stories, the journey of the smithy, are the type told and lived out at Kilroy's Workshop every single day, with special attention added to that focus this summer.

The workshop, which specializes in creation of all sorts from welding to blacksmithing and bladesmithing, has been hosting a workshop taught my master bladesmiths from other states.

It's been providing an interesting and unique way to pass the time and learn a new set of skills that could have career changing implications.

On top of that, and in spite of the heat generated by the forges, it also appears to be one cool way to pass the summer.

"Why," asked Kevin Cashen, an American Bladesmith Society master bladesmith and one teacher of the class, "because [there are] sparks and hammers and forge fire and anvils and we're recreating something that really should have been gone from the world in the last several centuries. [We're] bringing it back alive and keeping this ancient craft alive in the 21st century, that's just the beginning of the cool factor with this."

The class is termed an American Bladesmith Society (ABS) Intro to Bladesmithing class and is the first step in a journey towards being recognized by the ABS and becoming a journeyman blacksmith.

The path will allow those that follow it through to brand their work with the ABS seal and gain prestige and recognition as a blacksmith.

"They seem to be really fascinated with the process and I see a lot of progress being made in the few days due to that enthusiasm," continued Kevin.

Kilroy's workshop has also been working hard to add extra classes to their schedule so that those that have found themselves or their children to have an abundance of free time this year can have something fun and interesting to do.

To learn more about the workshop and how you can get involved, visit the workshop's WEBSITEor FACEBOOK.

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