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GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Injuries caused by early August hailstorm

Posted at 12:02 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 15:01:09-04
  • Graphic Hail Injuries
    Warning: graphic injuries in slideshow


“I was hit with what my husband says was at least tennis ball size[d] hail.”

The August 6th hailstorm that swept through Colorado Springs, Fort Carson, and Fountain shattered windshields, destroyed roofs, and injured many locals.

Amy Greenwalt (pictured above), a foster for True Blue Pet Rescue, received multiple injuries from the large hail and required hospital care.

Among her injuries were bruises to the feet and arms, a major head laceration that needed three staples to close properly, and a concussion.

According to Greenwalt, the injuries were “100% preventable.”

“I ran to my truck when it was quarter size thinking I could make it, within the less than 20 seconds it took for me to get to my truck it increased to golf ball and then tennis ball size. I was literally at the door of my truck with it unlocked when I got hit in the head. Worst timing ever…”

Now recovering from her injuries, Greenwalt is looking back on the event, thankful the incident didn’t turn out worse and finding the whole encounter a bit humorous.

“I mean come on it is pretty funny that I made it all the way to the door hahaha maybe that’s just my warped sense of humor, just saying…”

Other than personal injuries, Greenwalt says that her family only suffered a loss of two windshields; no major roof damage and no windows broken.

“Moral of my story~ take the hit to the glass and not your head.”

Upon visiting the ER, Greenwalt witnessed a waiting room filled top to bottom with patients, three of which had also sustained head wounds from the hailstorm.

“It’s worth it to let your car get pummeled instead of your body.”

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