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Mixed reaction to mask mandate

Locals, businesses react to executive order
Local businesses react to mask mandate
Posted at 1:05 AM, Jul 18, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — The statewide mask mandate has sparked a variety of opinions, across both the people it impacts, and the businesses who now must enforce it.

Before the mandate, Rocky Mountain Soap Market encouraged their customers to wear masks, but did not require it. They said the majority of their customers have worn masks while shopping, and that they respect Governor Jared Polis' decision. "Our thought is if this is going to help keep us open, keep downtown open, we are 100% on board," said the Store Manager, Cindy Puleo.

Meanwhile, Eclectic Co. started requiring their customers to wear masks while shopping two days before the governor's decision. "We were waiting for the government to do something, and just realized that we couldn't keep waiting...
I am just so ready for us to stop this thing in it's tracks because we are currently thriving as a business but it's not going to continue if we continue to not take this seriously," said Analisa Barrington of Eclectic Co.

However, people have very different opinions on wearing a mask and the mandate. Pueblo resident Daniel Fetty called wearing a mask ridiculous, and said he will not wear them inside businesses. "I don't think you should be forced to do anything you don't want to... If they don't want my business, hey, it's up to them," said Fetty.

Cesar Vazquez was visiting from California when News5 spoke with him, and he said he supports wearing a mask in public. "I do believe that it does reduce the incidence of getting the coronavirus," said Vazquez.

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, who served as Colorado's Attorney General told News5, "A executive order that directs something in regard to a health situation has the force of law. So yes, it is a law... You ought to do it, regardless of whether or not it's the law or not. We're in a very critical period right now," said Suthers.

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