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CSPD Chief Vince Niski responds to COVID-19 outbreak

Posted at 6:08 PM, Mar 19, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — The Colorado Springs Police department will still be there for the community during the COVID-19 outbreak, per Colorado Springs Police Department Chief Vince Niski.

Niski, who posted a letter to the community of the Colorado Springs government website, says that CSPD's primary goal is, and always has been, to protect and serve this community, and it will remain steadfast in that mission.

Niski adds that the department has prepared for times like these.

Community Message from COS Police Department on Vimeo.

"As a police department, we have protocols/procedures already in place and we have prepared for these types of events," said Chief Niski. "While things may look a little different in the future, as we continue to adapt to an ever changing situation, I have the utmost confidence in our employees to continue serving all of you professionally and responsibly."

The department will take additional steps during the outbreak and are considering what calls for service we can conduct over the phone.

One change you will see from CSPD is officers responding to calls wearing face masks to limit their exposure to the coronavirus.

They have also postponed all public events and closed our community rooms for public meetings.

"As we move forward, we will continually asses and implement changes we need to make to in order to better safeguard our community," said Chief Niski. "We recognize that our procedures will most likely change as this health emergency continues to evolve however, we will keep our community updated as developments emerge. Remember, we are stronger together."