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Lucky driver escapes deadly I-70 crash

Posted at 10:57 AM, Apr 29, 2019

DENVER (KUSA) – During the horrible crash on Colorado’s Interstate 70 that killed four people on Thursday, 17-year-old Isabel Witter could have been the fifth.

“I didn’t see it coming from behind. I just heard it hit the cars next to me and it was about two or three feet to my left,” Witter says.

At least six others were injured in the crash that involved 24 passenger vehicles and four semi-trucks.

Just minutes before the fiery destruction, Witter’s car broke down right underneath the overpass at Denver West Boulevard and Interstate 70. Fortunately, she was just a few cars in front of State Trooper Joshua Furman.

I-70 Fiery Crash
Cars and semis burn on I-70 following a crash that claimed 4 lives in the metro Denver.

“We were all kinda stuck in traffic. I came up behind her and her 4-ways were on,” Furman recalls. “So, I turned my emergency lights on. I walked up and checked on her and she said her battery had died.”

Furman told Witter to put her car in neutral and they pushed the car out of the right traffic lane onto the shoulder.

“And, then he told me to stay in my car and drove away and then I think it was about five minutes later that the semi-truck came through,” Witter says.

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