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Local parents keep students home after Denver school threats

Posted at 5:53 PM, Apr 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-17 20:26:13-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – Many parents in southern Colorado kept their kids home on Wednesday.

Veronica Landry has a son whose a junior at Liberty High School.
When she heard about Denver’s school threats, she thought they’d be confined there.

But then, “When they, closed most of the schools in the Denver area, my mind went to, well if she really wants to carry out this threat, she may just do it and she may go to the next place available,” Landry noted.

So last night, she decided to keep her son Luke at home.

“This morning, we did get an email stating that they were going to increase security in District 20 and that did become a relief to me as a parent,” Landry pointed out.

“But at that point, I’d already made the decision and just decided to sit this day out.”

“She just told me that there was a person who may or may not be trying to shoot our school,” 16-year-old Luke Harris said.

“So she decided for me to stay home.”

For Luke, the threats aren’t that surprising.

“Our district gets like nine shooting threats a year. I’ve kind of gotten used to it,” he explained.

Landry runs through scenarios with her kids, and what to do.

“First option, run. If I can’t run, I hide. If I can’t hide, I fight,” he listed.

Even though this time laying low seemed like the best option, this family’s ready to go back to their normal routine.

“They will continue increased security throughout the week and the near-future,” Landry emphasized.
“So I feel confident sending him to school tomorrow.”