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Red light cameras to be fully operational soon

Posted at 5:45 PM, Apr 04, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS – Red light cameras will be active on Tuesday at two major intersections in Colorado Springs.
It’s part of an effort to curb deadly crashes.

A 30-day warning period will follow.

Two sets will be fully operational at intersections of Platte Avenue and Chelton Road, and Briargate Boulevard and Lexington Drive.

“They are attached to [a] software that is – has an algorithm that helps predict the speed of drivers, the location, which lane they’re in, and the likelihood that they will be able to stop or not stop,” said Colorado Springs Lt. Cari Graves.

CSPD wants drivers to respect traffic rules even if an officer isn’t around because one bad decision on the road can often have deadly consequences.

“Last year, we had the highest number of fatalities ever recorded in our town,” Graves added.
“We do have difficulty enforcing red light violations at dangerous intersections because it is dangerous for our officers. this is a real force multiplier.”

During the warning period, an officer will review the footage and send the car’s registered owner a warning in the mail.
But after that, it’ll be a $75 citation.

Drivers can look at the footage, too – and dispute it if they choose.

“People can go on and see their own incident, and they can make that judgment pretty easily,” Graves explained.

But CSPD trusts these extra set of eyes will help save lives.

“People get killed. We’re looking at trying to decrease the severity of those accidents at the very least,” Graves emphasized.
“But if we never made a dime because people are in compliance then we’re doing exactly what we’re trying to do.”

By summertime, the intersections of North Academy Boulevard and Dublin Boulevard, as well as North Academy and North Carefree Circle will be fully equipped with red light cameras, too.