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Suspect in Rimwood murder turns himself in

Posted at 10:37 AM, Mar 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-01 09:44:26-04
James W. Hanlon
Photo of James W. Hanlon (CSPD)

COLORADO SPRINGS – Police say 53-year-old James W. Hanlon has surrendered to authorities in Denver.

He was wanted on a charge of first-degree murder for a shooting late Wednesday on the 1800 block of Rimwood Dr. The victim was near the street dead from an apparent gunshot wound. A name has not been released.

COLORADO SPRINGS – In a normally quiet neighborhood, Gary Delvalle seemed unphased by the fresh graffiti on his neighbor’s garage.

The graffiti, which read “murderer,” was done at some point on Friday.

“I think it’s justified,” said Delvalle.

According to an affidavit obtained by News5, the suspect–James Hanlon–was served with a citation by the humane society for having an aggressive animal.

The affidavit states he had ongoing issues with his next-door neighbor–Gary Dolce.

Shortly after being ticketed, Dolce was shot to death near his home.

“I was freaked out. My wife was even more freaked out,” Delvalle told News5.

Neighbors initially worried the murder was committed at random.

Colorado Springs Police canvassed the neighborhood and got a hold of surveillance video showing a vehicle matching the description of Hanlon’s–driving toward and past the scene, two minutes before a 911 call came in about the shooting.

The woman was called the police witnessed the fatal shot, though she initially thought the suspect was walking toward Dolce to help him off the ground.

The most damning evidence was a video taken from Dolce’s phone, capturing the shooting.

Hanlon was named a suspect on Thursday.

For more information on the affidavit, click here.

“That’s more reassuring that two people had a problem with each other and not some sort of drive by shooting or something,” said Delvalle.

“But I know how neighbors can get, and they’ve got guns–that’s a bad combination.”

Neighbors are still in disbelief, though, that an animal citation could escalate into a senseless murder.

“This is bad. this is no longer as nice of a neighborhood as it used to be.”

Police say Hanlon turned himself in in Denver on Friday night.