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Snow packed sidewalks cause concern for woman in wheelchair

Posted at 5:45 PM, Feb 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-25 20:31:53-05

COLORADO SPRINGS- This past weekend’s snowstorm caused all sorts of troubles for travelers.

Between cars getting stuck on heavy snow packed roads, to driving slowly as the snow came down all across southern Colorado.

For one woman, the snow caused even more challenges as she tried to get around in her wheelchair.

‘This one time, it was something I needed and it was very frustrating, because of the difficulty,’ said Carrissa McDonald, who headed out to get a last minute grocery on Saturday morning.

McDonald says as she was traveling along Academy Boulevard, she ran into sidewalks completely snow packed.

In some cases, the snow was piled up after cars and plows had driven past the busy street.

‘One of the interesting things that we see in neighborhoods is that people think that their sidewalks don’t get used,’ said Mitch Hammes a Manager with Colorado Springs Neighborhood Services.

Colorado Springs Code Enforcement does have policies when it comes to cleaning up the snow.

If snow isn’t cleaned up, anyone can file a complaint with code enforcement.

McDonald says she did make a complaint, but believes more could be done to clean up.

‘Just because you don’t see someone walking in front of your house doesn’t mean it’s not happening,’ said Hammes.

While complaints  for snow removal aren’t code enforcement’s biggest report, they do happen.

Hammes estimates around 75 calls came in after this weekend’s storm.

Code Enforcement can give residents a 24 hour notice to clean up the snow, if they don’t comply and city crews have to shovel it up- it can cost them.

‘It’s part of being a good neighbor, it’s just what we need to do when we all live together,’ said Hammes.