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East High community holds ‘Save Our School’ rally

Posted at 10:28 PM, Jan 24, 2019

PUEBLO – A huge rally was held Thursday afternoon in the Steel City to save East High School from closing.

It’s been rated the worst of all schools in District 60 when it comes to building issues. An option that’s being considered is consolidating East with other high schools.

Dozens of students, parents, teachers and other community members gathered outside the D60 Administration Building wanting their voices to be heard by those inside – a stakeholder group that was discussing a list of master plan options for the district.

“East means everything,” said a parent named Rubio. “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.”

East High School teacher Julie Cain said the school is a vital part of Pueblo.

“I know our building needs repairs, but there has to be a solution. Hopefully we can build a new school or something, but they can’t close East.”

Junior Caitlin Johnston said, “We want four high schools. That’s what we are aiming for in Pueblo, whether that be they remodel the high schools currently existing or they build new high schools.”

While this group was outside people like Lori Miller and Aaron Suazo were inside the stakeholder meeting to ask questions and try to narrow down the best options for all the high schools.

Miller said, “I think people are wanting to have more detail about what are Priority 1 repairs.”

Suazo said, “I think there were some good conversations with the MOA architects that said we need to work with Pueblo people and get a feel for how Pueblo works.”

Miller said, “We all care about Pueblo. We love our community and our kids, and we want what’s best.”

The opinion of several people at the rally and meeting is that Pueblo needs to pass a bond measure and keep all four schools open.

The school board wants to make it clear to everyone that nothing has been decided yet. More stakeholder meetings will be happening. After that, open house forums will take place.