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Blizzard slams Pueblo, slick conditions throughout city

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jan 22, 2019

PUEBLO – Monday’s major storm may have brought a good amount of snow to the Steel City, but it was the ice that formed on roadways that put a lot of people on edge.

Resident Tom Guins said, “I woke up and looked out the window and oh my gosh.”

He said he knew a cold front would be coming through town, but what he wasn’t expecting was a huge blast of snow and ice.

“I had planned to go running this morning, but I admit I changed my mind because I was afraid I’d fall down…these neighborhood roads are very slippery so I’d say hide in your house.”

However, that wasn’t something everyone could do.

Resident Brad Smith said, “This morning got up about probably seven o’clock and it was just icy as heck out, snow everywhere. Started driving around about eight. A lot of people on the side of the road.”

With pure ice everywhere Smith said the side streets were pretty bad.

“Everybody’s not safe today until they get these roads straightened up or sun comes out and melts it.”

To help in the cleanup effort, Smith shoveled the sidewalks in his neighborhood.

“We’re used to snow. We’re used to…good snow storms, but this ice has just…taken everybody by surprise I believe. Everybody’s all over the place on these roads.”

While the snow may have stopped falling, conditions are still precarious in some areas.

“Be safe, slow down, watch out for others.”

District 60 schools were in session on Tuesday and were only delayed for about two hours.
However, all athletic events in the afternoon were cancelled.