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Colorado Springs Fire trains for ice rescues

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jan 08, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS – Ice can seem solid, but very seldom is because of constant freezing and thawing.

Even though many people know this, every year the Fire Department is called out to rescue folks who fell through the ice.

From 2018 to present day, the Colorado Springs Fire Department had 25 calls for surface ice rescues. Because of that constant risk, the department was out today training for ice rescues.

“With our climate, whether it’s wind, fluctuation in temperatures, the ice degrades so rapidly, and it never has a chance to get more moisture. It’s not like we’re getting rainstorms or more snow to replace that and freeze it, it is basically degrading day after day,” said Captain Brian Vaughan.

Pets can also easily fall through thin ice.

Your best bet is to keep your dogs leashed near lakes and rivers, and if they fall in do not go after them. Call for help.