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USPS addresses mail problems in Pueblo West

Posted at 6:49 PM, Dec 13, 2018

PUEBLO WEST – Missing mail and mishandled packages are the kind of problems some residents in Pueblo West say they have to deal with.

One Pueblo West resident says a UPS worker carelessly tossed a package at his front door.

USPS says their mail is being handled correctly but Pueblo West resident Kristen Post says her mail is missing.

“I have no idea where all this mail is,” she said. Post has been living in Pueblo West for 22 years but says she only started having mail problems three months ago.

Ever since she changed her address back in November, she’s been keeping track.”There has been consistent missing mail, misdirected mail,” she explained.

Post says her proof lies in her informed delivery notifications.  “I can’t count them,” she said as she sifted through the papers. “At least know I know of 30 missing pieces if not more.”

When she’s tried to get answers, ” I never received a response, by anyone,” she said.

But USPS sent over this statement to News 5 regarding the package delivery and mail forwarding issues brought to light by Mrs. Post.

Our carriers are trained to deliver parcels in a manner that protects the contents. This holiday season, we are delivering more than 900 million packages nationwide and more than 11 million in Colorado alone. Every package is important to us and we will reemphasize delivery standards to our Pueblo carriers.

The Postmaster of Pueblo has been personally involved with the customer. […] Mail can take up to 15 days before it begins the process of being forwarded to the new address. Since that period of time, management has personally verified all the mail destined for the Post’s new address and can verify that it has all been delivered. Please note, some mail, such as benefit checks, bank statements, medical information, credit cards and other important documents are often returned to the sender with the new address at the mailers request. That mail is then resent by the mailer with the corrected address. We have verified our internal forwarding system and the Post’s mail is being handled correctly.

Post, though, wants to hear all this for herself. “I would like to get to find out where all the missing mail. that I’ve gone in numerous time to ask about. Where is it?”

The best way for you to avoid this headache might be to contact senders directly, whether they be your utility company or medical provider, and make sure they have your new address.