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Checkbooks, Social Security numbers found in connection to identity theft operation

Posted at 10:40 PM, Dec 05, 2018

PUEBLO – A woman is now behind bars after Pueblo Police discovered a stolen car full of sensitive information belonging to other people.

Pueblo Police said they found 36-year-old Tena Wheeler at a motel on the north side of Pueblo early Sunday morning.

Sergeant Franklyn Ortega said inside the car were “checkbooks, IDs, social security numbers. They had even a notebook to keep track of Social Security numbers, accounts, and stuff that they were using for identity theft.”

Ortega said Wheeler was also using a printer and scanner to make checks written out to herself.

“It’s very frustrating because a person might not even know her or have any contact with her and she’s going to have a significant effect on your life.”

Exactly how many victims and where they are is still to be determined.

“With her being from Springs and these items conceivably being from Springs we’re going to probably have to do a lot of interagency investigations.”

He said crooks usually get people’s banking and Social Security information by either breaking into your car, home, or by finding documents in your trash.

“Have it locked in a secure place and when you’re done with it and don’t need it anymore shred it, burn it, get rid of it to where somebody can’t utilize it.”

Ortega said Wheeler is currently at the Pueblo County Jail. A man who’s name has not yet been released was with Wheeler and also arrested, but for a warrant.

If you think your identity has been stolen Ortega said to call your financial institution right away.