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Arrest in Pueblo leads to large identity theft operation

Posted at 4:13 PM, Dec 05, 2018
Pueblo Motel Bust
Officers patrolling the north side of Pueblo find a car with an open door. A run of the plate helped determine it was linked to a theft.

An officer found the car in the motel parking lot and noticed a gun, knife and drugs inside. Two suspects connected to the vehicle were found wandering around inside the motel. A woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant and the car was impounded.

It turns out the woman, 36-year old Tena Wheeler is the head of a massive ID theft ring. The stolen vehicle out of Denver was full of printers, scanners and other items used for making checks, printing money and making credit cards.

At one point she lived in Colorado Springs and was evicted. She faces Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, Identity Theft and numerous other charges. PPD found several checkbooks that were stolen and credit cards. They have no idea yet just how many people were victimized.

They want to remind people to be cautious about throwing away personal financial information. Wheeler would go through people trash and take their banking and credit card info.

A man was also arrested at the motel. He was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant and they haven’t determined if he had any involvement in the ID theft stuff. His name has not been released as of yet.