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Buyer Beware: Research group releases annual report on dangerous toys

Posted at 12:44 PM, Nov 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-20 22:52:45-05
Trouble in Toyland
USPIRG’s Trouble in Toyland report

DENVER – The U.S. Interest Research Group (USPIRG) released its annual “Trouble In Toyland” report Tuesday, detailing some toys and types of toys parents should research closely before buying.

USPIRG tested toys and also compiled a list of toys already recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and it tested some other toys for dangerous properties.

The organization is asking parents to watch out for possible issues with the following types of toys ahead of the holiday season.

  • Balloons – improper labeling that doesn’t detail possible choking hazards
  • Fidget spinners or toys marketed toward adults – These can sometimes avoid child safety standards
  • Hatching toys- small parts can be a choking hazard
  • Toy makeup – Asbestos was found in Claire’s makeup last year
  • Toy slime – High levels of Boron
  • Toys with small magnets- Choking hazard
  • Smart toys – Privacy concerns

This year, the report focused on safety concerns with the following toys:

Balloons – Latex balloons are dangerous to children under 8 years old because they can be a choking hazard. USPIRG found that many balloons sold on Amazon did not properly label them

BCI Burke Merge Metal Climbers – Handgrip locations can be too large and pose a strangulation hazard

Bundle of LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise Turquoise and Purple Styles – Accessory pieces are unsafe, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commissions

Dr. Brown’s Lovey Pacifier & Teether Holders – The snap can detach from the pacifier ribbon, posing a choking hazard

Fidget Spinner Keychains – The center of the fidget spinner can fall out and pose a choking hazard

Haniex Soft Magic Crystal Slime – USPIRG tests showed high levels of Boron

Hatchimals Fabula Forest; Hatching Egg with Interactive Tigrette by Spin Master – The eggshell pieces can be a hazard, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission

iBaseToy Fluffy Slime – USPIRG tets showed high levels of Boron

INNOCHEER Musical Instruments Set – Paint on instruments contain high levels of lead

Kangaroos Original Super Cool Slime – USPIRG tets showed high levels of Boron

Kidsco Glow in The Dark Slime -USPIRG tets showed high levels of Boron

Lights & Lullabies Travel Mobiles – Clamp attaching mobile to the crib can break, causing the mobile to fall onto an infant

Mason & Billy Action Dolls – Joints of dolls can break, posing a choking hazard

Mega Value Pack 14 Latex Punch Balloons – Balloons are unsafe for children under the age of 8, but they are labeled for ages 3+

Meland Fluffy Slime – USPIRG tests showed high levels of Boron

Michaels Creatology® Pottery Wheel Kits – The battery compartment can overheat, posing fire hazards

Michaels Creatology® Spin Art Kits – The battery compartment can overheat, posing fire hazards

Munchkin Waterpede™ Children’s Bath Toys – bath toy can break into small pieces, posing a choking risk

My First Porsche – Wooden Cars – The wheels and axle can detach, posing a choking hazard

Nickelodeon PAW PATROL Deluxe Marshall Hat with Flashlight – Batteries in flashlight can overheat causing a fire hazard

Nerf® Battle Racer Go-Karts – The steering wheel can detach and break and become sharp or cause collisions.

Petit Collage Musical Jumbo Wooden Xylophones – Ball on the end of the Xylophone stick can separate, posing a choking hazard

PlanToys Baby Gym – Babies can strangle on the side rope crossbars on the baby gyms

Playtime Pals Pop-Up Hideaway Hut Children’s Tents – Fiberglass rod that supports the tent can break and become sharp

Pull-Back Speedy Jets – Rubber tires can separate from the wheels, posing a choking hazard

Radio Flyer Children’s eWagons – Improper wiring can activate motor unintentionally, posing an injury hazard

Rubber Critter Toys – Orange and yellow paint contains higher levels of lead than allowed.

Shake & Sing Elephant Rattles – Ears of the elephant rattle can break off and be a choking hazard

‘Totally Me!’ Clay Craft Kits – Mold could be found in the clay

Toysmith Jupiter Juice Slime- USPIRG tets showed high levels of Boron

Toys R Us Bruin Infant Wiggle Ball Toys – The rubber knobs and plastic can detach, posing a choking hazard

Wind-up Musical Toys, Kids Preferred LLC. – The metal post or handle can detach, posing a choking hazard

Click here to view the full report.