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Boathouse coming to Pueblo Riverwalk, first concepts revealed

Posted at 6:48 PM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-06 21:26:43-05

PUEBLO – Plans to expand the Pueblo Riverwalk continue and first designs of a boathouse are now being revealed to the public.

Those with the Pueblo Riverwalk told News 5 the concepts of the boathouse are still in the very early stages, but one thing is certain-city leaders want it to be an eye-catcher.

The boathouse is an amenity that’s been in the works for years, but there’s never been money available to construct it. Riverwalk workers said there’s a huge need for a place to store the river boats to keep them safe from weather and vandalism.

The plan is to make the first floor a maintenance area, the second floor for HARP operations and conference rooms, and on the rooftop-a deck available for anyone to rent.

Pueblo Riverwalk Executive Director Lynn Clark said, “We’re really wanting to investigate what it looks like from I-25 as well as from…the city and the Riverwalk channel. We really want it to stand out there for visitors as they’re traveling down I-25 or if they’re on Santa Fe Avenue.”

Clark said the estimate for the boathouse is about $4.7 million. A majority of it is to be funded through Pueblo County’s 1A Improvement Program.

The next step is to draft an agreement between the HARP Authority and Pueblo County to make arrangements to receive that 1A funding and hash out more details.

The goal is to have this expansion done early 2020.