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Why some clocks need to be moved forward for DST

Posted at 9:44 PM, Nov 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-04 13:15:25-05

The good news: most electronics, smart devices, televisions, computers and smartphones, will automatically move forward.

But non-digital clocks will need to be reset manually and one local shop in Colorado Springs knows that concept all too well.

Jonathan Mattson is in the business of time.

“There’s something almost mystical about keeping track of time,” he said.

He’s the owner of the Tick Tock shop in Colorado Springs.

“Boy we have everything from just little desk clocks, to grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, chime clocks, anything you can imagine,” he described.

And when daylight saving comes around, he actually has less time to spare.

“If I look at our business, we get some extra traffic here at daylight saving because people have trouble setting their watch or their clock,” Mattson explained.

Some need help adjusting their digital clocks but others need help with more old-fashioned clocks.

While we’re supposed to turn our clocks back, some just aren’t built for that.
So instead, Mattson has to move them forward.

“You have to stop every half hour, let them strike and then go forward eleven hours to get them to the right time,” he said.

Time is of the essence when there’s more than a hundred clocks waiting.

But thankfully… he has the helping hand of David Duszynki.

“[I] dig into the internal and figure out what’s wrong, troubleshoot everything,” he said.

The 18-year-old is fascinated by the history and future each clock holds.

“Every clock has its own story of where’s been or where it will be,” he added.

While daylight saving may influence the present, Mattson says it still can’t stop these hands from turning.

“We save time or waste time, but it just goes by no matter what.”

So who will *not* move their clocks back?
Hawaii, most of Arizona and U.S. territories, because they never adopted daylight saving time.
And will daylight saving time ever go away?
California has a measure on this year’s ballot to do away with daylight saving for good.
Meanwhile, my home state of Florida has already voted to end daylight saving but the bill is currently on hold in D.C.