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Benefit concert raises thousands of dollars for officer Cem Duzel

Posted at 9:57 PM, Oct 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 12:52:50-04

We’re following up on continued community efforts to help officer Cem Duzel.

You may remember, Duzel was shot in the head back in early august when he was on duty, and not only did he survive — he’s now making big strides in his recovery process.

Sunday night, three bands: Fire Line, Sandy Wells and Wirewood Station organized a benefit concert at the Stargazers Theatre to raise money for Duzel and his family.

It was a night of fun music – all with the spirit of giving back.

“We jumped on the opportunity, it’s always nice to be able to give back. we don’t get to do that very often so it’s nice to be able to do something like this and give back to those who serve,” said Sandy Wells of the Sandy Wells band.

Musician Valerie Carricato recruited her fellow musicians to use their talents to give back.

“We do a lot for the community, but specifically for me, I have 27 family members in law enforcement so anytime something like this happens, it’s very important to me to step up to the plate and show our law enforcement, fire, ems, military, that we’re behind them as a community,” she said.

“It’s fun to come together as a musical community and support and be together,” Wells added.

The event came together in just a couple of weeks and attendees like Steve Pagel helped make it successful.

“I’m here to support live music and the men in blue,” Pagel said.

Folks got to choose their own ticket price, with all proceeds going to Duzel and his family.

Pagel gave whatever he had.

“We just reached in our pocket,” Pagel described.
“Whatever it was, I don’t know – it was probably significant.”

Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey took a moment to recognize the efforts.

“What you do to support Cem and his family and CSPD and El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, it means the world to me,” he told the crowd.

What would mean the world to this community is to see officer Duzel make a speedy recovery.

“[I want] for officer Duzel to know that he has support and that we’re here,” Wells said.

“[I want him to] get better and that we’re all praying for him,” Pagel added.

Carricato said she just hopes “that officer Duzel gets well.”

About 200 people attended the concert in total and raised a total of $3,300.