Why Cañon City schools wound up without a mask requirement

A consent order was expected to take effect this week
Masks are not mandated in Fremont County
Posted at 8:16 PM, Nov 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-30 22:18:55-05

CAÑON CITY — After talks just one-week prior of a mask requirement in Cañon City, the students are in classrooms mask-free this week.

The Fremont County Health Department, the Board of Health, and Cañon City's Re.1 School District were expected to agree on a consent order requiring masks for 60 days.

"Wednesday, we saw a copy of the order, and my board reviewed it, and the Board President and myself signed it," said George Welsh, the Superintended of Cañon City schools.

On Friday evening the Board of Health issued a statement, saying they would not be signing the consent order, after the health department and school district had.

A copy of the statement from Fremont County's Board of Health's refusal to sign the consent order

"After consideration from the commissioners, who are the board of health, we decided not to sign it individually, therefore it never went into place," said Dwayne McFall, the County Commissioner.

The mask requirement would have forced students in Cañon City to wear masks until late January.

The school district says if the county implemented a mandate, they would comply.

As of now, the school district does not have plans to require masks on their own.