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Governor Polis signs oil and gas bill into law

Posted at 12:13 PM, Apr 16, 2019


DENVER – Governor Polis signed the controversial oil and gas bill into law on Monday afternoon.

On April 3, the Colorado legislature voted in favor of the final passage of the bill in a 19-16 party-line vote, with majority Democrats supporting it.

Just days following the final passage of SB19-181, the Board of County Commissioners in Las Animas County presented a letter addressed to Governor Polis asking for his support to oppose the bill.

In the letter, commissioners say the bill would have a “devastating impact on counties, school districts, and special districts, and other agencies that depend on oil and gas property and severance tax revenues.”

Many conservation groups responded positively to the bill’s passage.

The new legislation will allow local governments to have more control over oil and gas production.

The bill will also require the state’s air quality control commission to install emissions monitoring equipment and to minimize methane, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides emissions.

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