Taylor Swift wows fans with new music

Posted at 8:31 PM, Apr 26, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS – After weeks of waiting for the fans, Taylor Swift dropped her newest single with a music video premiere at midnight on 4/26.

Her new single is called ‘Me!’ and features Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco. The Grammy winner said the song is about embracing your individuality and really celebrating it.

She has been playing with symbolism, clues and puts lots of Easter eggs in her social media posts and now her new song. She also commissioned a mural to be made in Nashville that fans found before the song’s debut. She then said the mural had hints to what her song was about.

Swift has been posting a lot of videos on social media and said she’s proud of her fans detective skills but after the premiere- most of them missed the biggest tease in the video. Many suspect it’s that her album is called “Lover” because there’s a sign that reads that in the colorful, whimsical video.

She said count the number of suitcases.. clouds.. and more in the video and it all adds up to something. Fans are going wild with theories and speculation. Swift said she’ll be watching their posts!

She also told Swifties that she revealed a big secret she’d been keeping for months in the video. Turns out she adopted a third cat named Benjamin Button. (Who I think looks a little like Grumpy Cat! So cute!)

She also said the Christmas tree in her apartment in the video means something. Some suspect that means she’ll be going on tour in December.

‘ME!’ is her first single for her upcoming seventh album. That will be the follow up to 2017’s “reputation.” That album was her darkest to date and featured snakes for symbolism… the new music video starts with a snake turning into butterflies.