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Red light cameras return to Colorado Springs

Posted at 8:01 AM, Apr 09, 2019

Red light cameras are going live at two major intersections today. The first is at East Platte Avenue and Chelton Road. The second is at Briargate Boulevard and Lexington Drive.

Springs Police tell us the goal here is to decrease the number of traffic accidents. Remember, traffic accidents reached an all-time high last year.

Here’s how the cameras work. Starting today, they will be fully operational. They run 24/7 and will snap a picture of any car that runs a red light. The first 30 days will be a warning period, meaning Officers will review the footage and send a warning in the mail. Beginning May 8th drivers will receive a citation and $75 fine.

“All of the intersections we’re deploying have very significant safety factor problems with accidents,” explained Lt. Cari Graves with the Colorado Springs Police Department. “We’re working to decrease the severity of those accidents at the very least.”

Drivers can also view the footage and, if they choose, dispute the citation.

This is only the start! Later this spring, they’ll be adding cameras at Academy and North Carefree as well as Academy and Dublin.

“If we never made a dime because people are in compliance then we’re doing exactly what we’re trying to do,” continued Lt. Graves.

A total of 10 red light cameras will be installed in Colorado Springs. The remaining spots haven’t been announced yet, but we’ll keep you informed.