Pothole problems? Here’s how you report them

Posted at 4:12 AM, Jan 30, 2019

With warmer temperatures moving in that means street crews are switching gears from snow removal to road repairs.

Colorado Springs Public Works estimates a 40-50 % increase in pothole calls after a single storm.

A pothole can literally pop up overnight with the storms we’ve seen. When you have a road with bad pavement, that moisture gets into the cracks underneath the street. Then when we have a temperature increase – like we’re expecting today – that freeze/thaw cycle creates a pothole.

What do you do if you see one on the road? It’s up to you to call it in. Potholes only get worse if they’re left unattended.

“If we’re not out there repairing these, they just get worse over time,” explains Jack Ladley with Colorado Springs Public Works. “You take a bad situation, like a teeth chattering pothole, it can become dangerous if you don’t address it relatively quickly.”

If you want to report a pothole here’s how! In Colorado Springs you can dial the pothole “hotline” at 385-ROAD. Leave as many details as possible like an address or cross street. You can also submit a request on the GoCo Spring App or the cities website. In Pueblo, you can submit that request on the cities website.